Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Please take your seat

In today's world of creative ideas, there are so many ways for people to be seated at the reception after the wedding. So would you do a Escort board or Seating cards?

So Escort boards, there are many beautiful options, from a favorite the chalkboard, a mirror etched with the guests names and their table numbers or a cling that is used in place of the etching, to beautiful picture frames with the names handwritten with script, calligraphy or a fun font. There are many options to choose from.

Seating cards, the Skies the Limit! Use your floral, color or even guest favors as a seating card. Escort cards can be displayed on a table sitting on top of flowers, pinned to a board, hung from a ribbon or twine. A favorite of mine is when the card is attached to the guest favor.

OR you can put up a board that says sit where you would like except for the reserved tables for the

The Knot

Belle Magazine

Belle Magazine

Belle Magazine

Belle Magazine

Belle Magazine

As you search the internet, you will find ideas galore.

-- Tami Zachman
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favorite Wedding Blogs

When I first came on the scene in the wedding aspect of coordination, I found some brilliant blogs that were so much help, and had beautiful inspiration. Among these blogs were:

1) Project Weddingwww.projectwedding.com/blog/‎ - 
A blog with stunning visuals, where any bride could find ideas for her wedding

2) Style Me Prettywww.stylemepretty.com/
As they say they bring wedding styles to the masses

3) Pizzazeriepizzazzerie.com/
Has a great tag, Entertain in Style, this blog not only covers weddings but also birthday parties, bridal 
showers, and parties of all kinds, including food ideas

4) Hostess with the Mostesswww.hwtm.com/
Inspiration for any and every type of event or party, along with printables, a menu ideas, and decorating

After working with brides and their grooms for awhile, I went to some wonderful conventions for the Event 
and Wedding Industries. AND did I learn about even more sites!!!! Obviously there is absolutely nothing 
wrong with the above Blogs at all, they are still fresh and on trend. At a business experience in Cancun, 
I was able to meet to wonderful bloggers, at this point I wasn't even thinking about blogging. BUT, after 
speaking with 
Jen Campbell of Green Wedding Shoesgreenweddingshoes.com/ 

photography: Carl Zoch // location: Wahclella Falls, Oregon on the Columbia River Gorge // florist: Lucy’s Informal Flowers // wedding dress: Sarah Seven // groom’s suit: Joseph A. Bank

Dana LaRue of Broke Ass Brides www.thebrokeassbride.com/

Ask Liz: Bare vs. Ballroom Venues, & How To Find And Pay For Them

Re-mem-ber: Compare Apples to Apples.
Photo by Shelly Smith Photography
To say the least they are two very different wedding blogs, and all I want to say is they are both fabulous
and both have their places for brides looking for those inspirational ideas. From their I discovered many 
other fabulous blogs for brides to check out when looking for ideas. Now keep in mind, some of the blogs 
have over the top weddings in them BUT, you may find that one small thing to create a wedding of your

Obviously, I will start with;
1) Green Wedding Shoesgreenweddingshoes.com/‎  - Jen and her husband Jason, do a fabulous job
showing that there is no "RIGHT " way to do a wedding. I love looking at her "Real Weddings" and really 
see exactly how creative a bride and groom can be.

2) Broke Ass Brideswww.thebrokeassbride.com/ - I think the title tells it all. It's a funny, out of the 
box, how to have a beautiful wedding when your a broke ass bride. I really get a kick out of Dana's 

3) Munaluchi Bridehttp://munaluchibridal.com/ - Caters to Women of Color and Ethnic Weddings.
John Legends wedding was just posted on their blog, all I can say is AHMAZING!

4) The Bridal Style - www.thebridalstyle.com/ - Wedding inspirations shared, create your own boards, use
their "style it" button and you can style even directly from Facebook. Has a great vendor guide and 
shopping section. This is an amazing place for brides, for ideas, dresses, etc.

There are so many more, and I could go talk about them all but that would make THIS a very long blog.
So here are the names of some of my other favorites; "Kiss the Groom", "Ruffled", "Merci, New York",
"Preston Bailey's Blog", "The Knotty Bride", "One Wed", "Rustic Wedding Chic", "June Bug Wedding",
and "Bridal Musings". 

Please take some time, and look through these wonderful blogs, I am POSITIVE you will find something to peak your interest.

-- Tami Zachman
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Creative Bride

Lately I have been seeing some very creative, unique weddings. What a breath of fresh air! Many Brides and their Grooms are designing their weddings around themselves, not what they see on TV! 
I love that they take personal details of their lives and infuse them into their weddings.

So you see or like a idea of wedding, you either were at, saw on TV or in a magazine. You don't have to be like everyone else. Use your family background, where you grew up, have yard games, your grandma's famous jam as a guest favor, so many ideas can be taken from your own experiences. I'm not saying that the reality TV weddings aren't gorgeous, but you have to remember, many of these weddings originally have a very small budget and it's only because of the shows that they are able to put on these soirees. Let's be reasonable, take ideas you may like but you don't have to recreate one of those weddings. 


I think the TV show that bothers me the most is Four Weddings, were four different brides go to each others weddings and then pick them apart. ARGH! What one bride wants for a wedding is not the same as another brides ideas and I hate seeing them picked apart. 

I was just reading a post of Broke Ass Bride, and a bride was really expressing how she felt about the same issues, and then I really wanted to talk about this. Stop by Broke Ass Bride and check it out, she
really expresses her feelings on the subject.

Your wedding, IS YOUR WEDDING, whether simple to luxe. At the end of the day you are married to the one you love and that is the most important detail!

Be creative, make it yours, and enjoy the process! 

-- Tami Zachman
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's your Number?

What is your number? Your table numbers? Your style? Just a fun blog today with many different styles of table numbers for your reception.







As you can see, these are just a few of the different ideas for table numbers, the possiblities are endless.
Just have fun, make it your own.

-- Tami Zachman
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